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Designer Suzanne DeBow
Jewelry Designer Suzanne was born in Alexandria, Egypt of French and Italian parentage. As a youngster she moved with her family to Milan, Italy, and then to London, England, where she grew up and where she studied fine arts. Following this she moved to the United States.

In every aspect of her journey she absorbed the culture of her surroundings, and this is apparent in her work. "The design process has always been very exciting to me," says Suzanne, "I love to see where a particular design will take me."

Suzanne's passion to make jewelry surfaced several years ago when she came across a stunningly beautiful necklace displayed at an upscale Manhattan department store.

"The necklace was stunning," she says, "and it was made of the most exquisite semi-precious stones, which attracted me like a magnet. I fell in love with everything about the stones: their shape, size, and color and even their individual texture. They were so alluring. Although this piece was truly wearable art, it was very expensive. I recall searching for another necklace like it, however, nothing came close to its beauty. I returned to the store several times hoping that it would go on sale. On my third try, it dawned on me: Why not design and make my own necklace?"

So began Suzanne's incredible adventure, which led her to the launch of

Suzanne works with a variety of semi-precious stones. Her line of jewelry incorporates Carnelians, Amethysts, Citrines, Jade, Onyx and Turquoise stones as well as very unique and unusual stones such as the African Opal. She also likes to work with the family of quartz stones that come in many colors including some beautiful translucent vibrant shades. "Quartz stones are so appealing and extremely flattering. The faceted miniature stones in unusual shapes are especially wonderful for dangling earrings," says Suzanne.

Keeping a close eye on the apparel industry is very important in her work. "I like to stay on top of fashion trends," says Suzanne. The fabrics and colors for the new season really inspire me to blend the designs and stones together to complement that new look."

Suzanne derives great satisfaction from creating 'wearable art' that delight her customers. "Whether it's finding the right piece of jewelry for an outfit or buying a gift for a friend, my challenge is to make beautiful yet affordable jewelry."